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1.      Organization Division: Chief, Eng. Tran Ngoc Hung. 

2.      Policy Division: Chief,Eng. Tran Ngoc Hung.

3.      Quality Division: Chief,Dr. Tran Chung.

4.      Training Division: Chief, As. Prof. Nguyen Van Hung.

5.      Science & Technology Division:Chief, Dr.  Nguyen Dang Son.

6.      Foreign Division: Chief, Arch. Tran Dinh Ha.

7.      Engineers Division: Chief, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Truong Tien.

8.      Finance Division: Chief, Eng. Pham The Minh.

9.      Information Divison: Chief, Arch. Vu Quoc Chinh.

10.  Club of Senior Construction Experts: Chairman, Eng. Do Van Bat.

11.  VFCEA Office: Chief of the Office, Arch. Tran Ung.

12.  Loa Thanh Award, Permanence: Prof. Dsc. Nguyen Tai.

13.  Representative Office in the South: Chief, Eng. Vu Hung Viet.

+ Office: 852 XVNT, 28, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh city.

14.  Representative Office in Central Region: Chief, Eng. Dang Viet Dung.

+ Office: 199 Nguyen Van Linh – Da Nang.

15.  Vice Secretary General  of VFCEA: Dr. Nguyen Dang Son, Arch. Tran Dinh Ha.

16.  Science Technology and Training Council: President of VFCEA: Chairman, Prof. Dsc. Pham Hong Giang.

17.  Centre for Construction Science Technology and Training Development: Acting General Director, Ass. Prof Bui Van Boi.

18.  Institute for Urban Studies and Infrastructure Development: Director, Dr. Pham Si Liem.

19.  The “Builder” Magazine: Editor in Chief: Arch. Vu Quoc Chinh.


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