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Chapter I

Art.1 : The name is Tong Hoi xay dung Vietnam
Transaction name : Vietnam Federation of Civil Engineering Associations
                                (VIFCEA for short)

Art.2: The Vietnam Federation of Civil Engineering Associations is a social-professional voluntary organisation grouping various Associations specialised in construction Provinces and cities centrally affiliate’s construction Associations, Collective members, Branch associations and Vietnamese citizens being top experts in construction, all united for the common effort to contribute to the building of the nation in the industrialisation-modernisation stage.

The Vietnam Federation of Civil Engineering Associations deploys its activities under the principle of democratic centralism of majority prevaining and according to State law.

Art.3: The Vietnam Federation of Civil Engineering Associations deploys its activities nationwide, its headquarter being in Hanoi with juridical status, bank account, seal and organs ( journals, magazines, publications...)

Art.4: The Vietnam Federation of Civil Engineering Associations is the member of the Vietnam Union of Science & Technique Associations.

The Vietnam Federation of Civil Engineering Associations could join similar specialized organisations in the region and worldwide. Joining procedures are made according to the law.

Depending on demand for activities, the Federation could set up Representative Offices in some localities, the setting up should be proceeded according to the law.


Chapter II

Art 5: The Viet nam Federation of Civil Engineering Association is entitled with these tasks and rights:

1. Harmonizing, co- ordinating the activities of its member associations in the grouping, mobilisation and assistance for cadres specialised in construction, to promote the tradition of solidarity, friendliness, improvement of qualification standards, professional ethics, knowledge enhancement for contribution to the gradual modernisation of the Vietnamese Construction Sector aiming at enriching the people, strengthening the nation, building afair, democratic, civilised, society ;

2. Implementing the function of consultancy, cross examination, social appraisal on construction; sharing ideas to building scientific fundament for the the elaboration/ decision making of options, policies, legal matters as well as scientific development plans, projects related to the construction sector;

3. Organising the implimentation of scientific research themes, elaborating projects for application of resseach results in the construction field to production and life, recapitulating scientific- technological issues in various fields of construction;

4. Organizing the training, fostering of trade and profession, Regal policy for members;

5. Protecting legitimate rights and interests of members and member associations as per the Rules of Federation and regulations of law ;

6. Representing member associations in internal, external relationships concerning the Federation’ s functions and tasks; 

7.  Being allowed to raise fund for the Federation on the basic of memberships’ fees and of income sources from business and service activities according to the law, for cover various activity costs;

8.  Extending relations of co- operation, of experience exchange with international organisations, with domestic and foreign scientific- technical entities.


Chapter III

 Art 6: Organization of the Vietnam Federation of Civil Engineering Associations

The organisation and activities of the Federation follow the principle of voluntarism, autonomy and self covering costs.

The organisation of the Federation comprises;

1.  In central level: Vietnam Federation of Civil Engineering Associations;

2.  In provinces, centrally affiliated cities ( hereinafter called provinces ) : provincical associations of civil engineers ;

3.   At grass roots level : Branch Associations; grass roots organisations having 5 members and more could set up Branch Associations .

The set up of provincial associations of civil engineers should be dicided by the province’s People Committee acoording to legal regulations

Art 7:  National Deputies Congress

The supreme leading organ of the Federation is  the National Duputies Congress which meets every five years. The Congress shall meet extraordinarily at the requerst of at least two - thirds of total members of the Federation’ s Central Committee or a half of Associations specialised in construction at central level and provincial associations of civil engineers.

The composition and number of participating representatives to National Congress shall be determined by the Federation’ s Central Committee .

Tasks of the National Congress :

1.  Recapitulating, evaluating , the Federation’ s activities during the term, discussion on orientation, action plans of the succeeding term ;

2.   Approving, amending the Rules (if any )

3.   Electing the Central Committee and the Inspection Board of the Federation;

4.  Making decision for important issues on options, objectives, tasks, rights of the Federation.

Art 8: Voting principles in National Congress

1.  The National Congress could vote by way of  hand raising or secret ballot. The way for voting shall be determined by the National Congress .

2.  The vote for approving National Congress’s decisions should be agreed upon by over a half of present, official representatives.

Art 9:   The Federation’ s Central Committee

The leading organ between two terms of National Congress is the Central Committee of Federation . The number of members of Federation’s Central Committee should be determined by the National Congress and directly elected .

The number of Federation’s Central Committee members could be increased by not more than twenty percent (20 %) of the total members of Federation’ Central Committee.

Such increase must be determined by the Federation’ Central Committee.        

Tasks of the Federation’s Central Committee:

1.  Leading the implementation of National Congress’ Resolutions;

2.  Leading the implementation of the Federation’s Rules; Developing the relationship with domestic and foreign institutions, contributing to the development of Federation;

3.  Following up the activities of Associations specialized in construction at central level, provincial construction Associations, specialised subcommittees and other organisations directly affiliated to the Federation’s Central Committee;

 4. Electing the Federation’s Presidium, the President, the Vice President, the Secretary General ;

 The Federation’s Central Committee meets periodically once a years.

 Art 10: The Presidium

The standing organ of the Federation’s Central Committee is the Presidium comprising the President, Vice President, the Secretary Generel and some other members. The number of Presidium’s officers doesn’t exceed fifteen percent (15%) of the total members of Federation’s Central Committee.

Tasks of the Federation’s Presidium:

1.  Leading the implementation of various resolutions by the Federation’s Central Committee in- between two meetings of the Federation’s Central Committee;

2.  Making plans, reports of overall activities as per regulations of Federation’s Central Committee.

3.  Following up the activities of Central specialised construction Associations, provincial Construction associations, specialised Boards and other Federation - affiliated organisations;

4.  Deciding on forms of reward and discipline ;

5.  Deciding on the set up of specialised boards, Federation affiliated organisations, scientific- technological and service institutions. The Federation’s Presidium issues specific regulations on the establishment, activities and management of affiliated entities in accordance with the law;

6.  Deciding on recognition of Federation’s member associations.The Presidium periodically meets once  a quarter. When necessary, on request of the President and  the Secretary General, the President could call for an extraordinary meeting.

Art 11:   The Federation’s President

The Federation’s Central Committee elects the President among Presidium members. The President chairs meetings of the Federation’s Central Committee, of the Presidium; conducts all activities of the Federation for implementing Resolutions by  the Central Committee, the Presidium, and is responsible before the law on all Federation’s activities.

In case the President being absent, if necessary, there will be an assignment of power to a Vice President for assuming the President’s tasks.

Art 12:  The Federation’s Vice Presidents

Vice- Presidents elected by the Federation’s Central Committee are assigned by the President  for conducting each specific activity of the Federation. 

Art 13:  The Secretary General.

The Secretary General elected by the Federation’s Central Committee is a standing officer to deal with various tasks delegated by the President and to run daily activities of the Federation.

 Art 14:  The Inspection Board of the Federation

The Federation’s Inspection Board is vested with the function of assisting the Presidium in inspecting/controlling the enforcement of Federation’s Rule, the implementation of Resolutions by Federation’s Central Committee, in solving petitions regarding member- organisations and members. The Inspection Board of the Federation is endowed with the rights to request various member Associations, organisations, units affiliated to the Federation and members for submitting reports, explaining/ presenting problems related to inspected subjects having been determined by the Presidium to be examined.

The term of the Inspection Board is five(05) years, like that of the Central Committee. The Inspection Board comprises a Board Director, a Board Deputy Director and some members. The Board Director is a member of the Federation’s Presidium.


Chapter IV

 Art 15: Conditions for being Member Association, Member.

Member Association: Associations specialised in construction central level, Provincial construction Associations, voluntarily applying for joining the Federation shall be recognised as Member Associations.

Associations specialised in Construction at central level having their own Rules, account, with juridical status could be established and could join international and regional associations with the same specialities in accordance with the law.

Collective Member:  Organisations (Corporation, Institutes, Colleges...) with activities in the field of construction voluntarily applying for joining the Vietnam Federation of Civil Engineering Associations shall be considered and recognised as Collective Members by the Federation.

Member:   Vietnamese citizens being top experts on construction, voluntarily applying for joining the Federation shall be considered and recognised as Members.

Vietnamese organisations and citizens without suitable conditions for becoming members of the Federation yet having contributed substantially to the cause of the Federation could become an Honoris causa Member, an Associated Member of the Federation.

Honoris causa  Members, Associated Members do not take part in the vote, nor apply for being elected to the Federation leadership as well as to decide a matter by majority/ minority vote.

The Federation’s Central Committee stipulates criteria of membership, considers and proposes the  Presidium for deciding the admission of members.

Art 16: Tasks and rights of Member. Associations

A, Tasks:

- To respect and implement the Federation’s Rules;

- To participate in Federation’s activities;

- To organise experiences’ exchange of professional activities and of application of science and technology in the field of construction;

- To report periodically its activities to the Federation;

- To pay member’s fee as stipulated.

Member Associations of the Federation could join international and regional organisations with the same specialties in accordance with the Law.

B, Rights:

- To propose, discuss and comment Federation’s work;

- To propose the Federation to intervene, defend legitimate interest of the Associations and members;

- To introduce candidates and to vote executive committee and central committee for Federation;

- To propose  the Federation for granting rewards;

- To demand for leaving the Federation.

Art 17: Tasks and interests of members

Member’s tasks:

1. To respect the Federation’s Rules, to seriously implement instructions, resolutions of the Federation. To propagate for extending the rank of members, to mobilize the mass in supporting all activities by Associations, Federation;

2. To care for internal solidarity building, for strengthening the Vietnamese Construction Cector to go ahead, and gradually advancing toward modernisation;

3. To learn hart on politics, culture, profession, to improve incessantly scientific qualifications on construction field, thus contributing to modernisation of Vietnam Construction Sector;

4. To foster endogenous strength, national pride, creativity, professional trustworthiness, readiness for contributing all capabilities, knowledge and profession experiences for serving the people, to fight against thought and actions harmful to Federation’s prestiges and tasks;

5. To inform, boost, vulgarise construction science knowledge to the public at large;

6. To participate in social activities, to read and vulgarise information from journals. magazines, publications issued by the Federation and related organisations for continuous improvement of professional level;

7. To pay Federation’s fee as stipulated.

Member’s interests:

1. To discuss and vote for all works of the Federation, to apply and to propose for election of  Executive  Committees, Central Committee in different levels of the Federation;

2. To be nurtured on politics, thought, professional ethics and on options, policies. legal writings relevant to the Federation’s activities;

3. To be allowed to present his/ her study themes/ topics in scientific- technical sessions of the Associations/ Federation for gathering colleagues’ contribution, amendment to complete the theme/ subject;

4. To receive remarks from Association/ Federation on his / her work; when necessary, to be chosen for reward by administrative levels or for recognition and protection according to Intellectual Property Right;

5. To be introduced for publication of scientific research work in Federation’s, Association’s and related organisations’ magazines, journals;

6. To be protected by the Federation and Associations regarding legitimate interests in professional activities;

7. To ask for leaving the Federation.


Chapter V

Art.18: Organisations and members having reached brilliant achievements in Association’s work shall be rewarded by the Federation or recommanded to competent governmental bodies to be rewarded.

Art.19: Organisations and members having infringed following matters, depending on its extent, shall be dealt with various forms of discipline such as: blame, warning, name erasing from the list:

  1. Causing damage to the prestige of the Federation;
  2. Infringing the Federation’s Rules.


Chapter VII

 Art.20: Financial funds of the Federation comprise:

1. Fees from member- associations and members determined by the Federation’s Presidium;

2. Monetary support from the Government, aid fund given by domestic and foreign organisation.

3. Sources of income from scientific- technical activities, from business activities and services according to regulations of Law.

4. Properties, financial funds of the Federation shall be managed, utilized according to prescription of the Federation’s Presidium and to regulations, guidances by state administration bodies on finance.

5. On the liquidation of the Federation, the whole properties of the Federation shall be dealt with according to regulations of the Law.


Chapter VII

Art. 21: These Rules comprising seven (07) Chapters and twenty- two (22) Article have been approved by the National Congress of the Vietnam Federation of Civil Engineering Associations on November 28th 2003 and will be effective from the date of approval by the Minister of Home Affairs.

Art.22: Only the National Congress of the Vietnam Federation of Civil Engineering Associations is entitled with power for altering, amending these Rules.


Hanoi. November 28th 2003


The Vietnam Federation of Civil Engineering Associations


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