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Asian Concrete Federation – ACF is a gathering organization for promotion of understanding of concrete technologies and structures among Asian countries and neighboring region.

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Letter of President of the ACF




                   Plenary session- Invited papers

P.01-  Current innovation in fiber reinforced concrete    

Nemy Banthia (Professor)

P.02- Structural performance and modeling of concrete damaged under combined effects

Ueda Tamon (Professor), Japan

P.03- Recent development of precast concrete in Indonesia
FX Supartono (Professor), Indonesia

P.04- What do we need for sustainability in concrete-construction industry

Koji Sakai (Professor), Japan

P.05- Design and construction innovations for reinforced concrete structures

Samuel Yin (Professor), Chinese Taipei

P.06- Concrete technology in foundation engineering and construction in Vietnam

Nguyen Truong Tien (Associate Professor)


               Technical session A- Materials

A.01- Effect of artificial flaws on toughness of fiber reinforced cementitious composites

Takatune Kikuta (Doctoral Student), Hirozo Mihashi (Doctor, Prof.)

A.02- Study of new ultra high strengh concretes Nguyen Van Chanh (Assoc. Prof. PhD.), Bui Phuong Trinh, Tran Huy Hung (Candidate M.E.), Kim Huy Hoang (M.S.)

A.03- Advanced admixture applications for high performance concrete in infrastructure construction Jiang Jiabiao (Dr)

A.04- Basalt FRP laminates subjected to elevated temperatures
Kiang Hwee Tan (Associate Professor), Yu Qian Zhou (PhD Candidate)

A.05- Strength and thermal stability of fly ash-based geopolymer mortar

Djwantoro Hardjito (Senior Lecturer), M.Z. Tsen (Student )

A.06- Influence of Si/Al ration on compressive strength of rice husk-bark ashes and fly ash-based geopolymer paste

T. Klabprasit; C. J aturapitakkul ; W. Chalee; P. Chindaprasirt; S. Songpiriyakij

A.07- Influence of the interstitial phase composition on the fluidity and the adiabatic temperature rise of cement increased interstitial phase content

Eijj Maruya; Etsuo Sakai (Prof.), Masaki Daimon (Prof.)

A.08- Bagasse ash: effect of pozzolanic activity and application in cement use aspect

Suvimol S. ( Assoc.Professor), Duangrudee


A.09- Rheological properties of grout incorporating different dosage of viscosity modifying agent

Nicolas Ali Libre; Mohammad Vahdani

A.10- Experiment investigation on flexural strength of layered ECC- concrete structures

Dinh The Hung  (Eng, Master Student), Ho Huu Chinh (PhD, Lecturer)

A.11- Study on influence of castingdirection and heat of hydration on mechanical properties of HFRCC

Naoya Ishikawa, Hirozo Mihashi.

A.12- Development of concrete flooring tiles by wastes, baggase ash and fly ash for replacing type I Portland cement

Siripairod H., Polkert S., Sujjavanich S., Chaysuwan D.
A.13- Improve the strength of acrylic emunsion polymer modified mortar with RHA in hot and high humidity

Nguyen Ninh Thuy; Nguyen Van Chanh; Le Anh Tuan; Kwon Hyug-Moon.

A.14- Shrinkage of highly flowable mortar reinforced with polypropylene fiber

M. Shekarchi, N. A. Libre, I. Mehdipour,

A.Sangtarashha, A. Shafieefar

A.15- Influence of several conditions of the sludge water on the sludge water recycling by adds the retarder at the ready mixed concrete plant

H.Dong ( Chief Research Engineer); M.Miyakawa

(Research Engineer),T.Nishimura, (Techenical Director, Technical Dept)

A.16- The use of natural pozzolans in lightweight concrete

Saksith Pantawee (Graduate Student), Theerawat  Sinsiri (Lecturer)


A.17- Preliminary investigation of high strength, lightweight concrete barriers with steel fibers 

Lee Haeng Ki (Professor), Hwang Eun A (Student) Kim Hyeong Ki (Student)

A.18- Recent research geopolymer concrete

Nguyen Van Chanh ( Assoc. Professor. PhD.), Bui Dang Trung, Dang Van Tuan (Candidate M.E.)

A.19- Study on the flow properties of mortars with an amphoteric copolymer

Weng Wei Hung (Student), Hsu Kung Chung (Professor)

A.20- Controlled low-strength material using incinerator ash and quarry dust

Sivakumar Naganathan (PhD. Student), Hashim Abdul Razak

A.21- Applicability of expansive additive on reducing shrinkage in ultra-high-strength concrete using silica fume-premixed cement

Makoto Tanimura , Hitoshi Fujita, Hikotsugu Hyodo, Doyeon Kwak

A.22- Contributions of C-S-H and AFm hydrates to chloride binding isotherms of various cements

Tran Van Mien (Doctoral Student), Boonchai Stitmannaithum (Associate Professor), Toyoharu Nawa ( Professor), Kiyofumi Kurumisawa (Associate Professor), Nguyen Van Chanh (Associate Professor)

A.23- Influence of fiber geometry, fiber dosage, water-cement ratio and fine aggregate content on the workability of steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC)

Sholihin Asad-Lecturer

A.24- Influence of blast furnace slag and rice husk ash on strength properties of compressed cement-soil materials

Le Anh Tuan, Nguyen Ninh Thuy, Kwon Hyug Moon, Nguyen Hung Thang

A.25- Pozzolanic evaluation of pitchstone fines in concrete trials

K. Vessalas (Mr) R. Sri Ravindrarajah (Dr) A. S. Ray (Prof.) P. S. Thomas (Dr);

B. Mouawad (Mr) D. Kalache  (Mr); P. Joyce (Mr) J. Haggman (Mr)

A.26- Influence of limestone powder and Quangngai basalt on strength of blended Portland cement

Thai Hong Chuong (PhD, Researcher) and Vu Hai Nam (M.Sc, Researcher)

A.27- Research in high performance concrete using system analysis theory and development

Pham Duy Huu (Professor); Dao Van Dong (Dr.)

A.28- Rheological properties of glass fiber reinforced highly flowable cement paste

N. A. Libre, I. Mehdipour, A. Alinejad, N. Nouri

A.29- Rapid hardening cement for ready-mixed concrete

Manasit Sarigaphuti (Senior researcher)

A.30- A study on the flocculation of cement particles in the cement pastes and mortars with polycarboxylate-based superplasticizers

T. Matsumoto, T. Kishi (Associate Professor)


A.31- Influence of mineral admixtures on properties of double mixing cementitious material

Kidsadakorn Arammuang (Master student,) Komsan Maleesee (Assistant professor),  Amnouy Panitkulpong (Associate professor),

Tetsurou Kasai (Professor)

A.32- Combined effect of shrinkage reducing and expansive agents on autogenous deformations of high performance concrete

M.S. Meddah (Postdoctoral researcher), M. Szuki (Consulting engineer),

 R. Sato ( Professor)

A.33- Influence of types of steel fiber on properties of ultra high performance concrete

Kim Huy Hoang (M.Eng), Huynh Ba Phat (Student), Le Viet Duc Hien (Student), Nguyen Van Chanh (Dr.Eng)

A.34- Design and Construction of  antiwashout underwater concrete.

Nguyen Van Chanh (Assoc. Professor. PhD.) 

Tran Quoc Tho, Luong Le Trung ( Candidate M.E.) 

A.35- Research on use of combined active mineral admixture to improve the watertightness and corrosion resistance of concrete

Phan Van Tuong (Prof.); Nguyen TienTrung (Msc.)

A.36- Study on recycling demolished building waste to use as aggregate for concrete and mortar

Hung L.V; Nam V.H; Phong V.H (Researcher)

A.37- Improvements in the strength and water penetrability of low calcium fly ash based geopolymer concrete

Monita Olivia (PhD Student), Hamid Nikraz (Professor), Prabir Sarker (Lecturer)                                            

A.38- Fundamental study on characteristics mixed solid wastes into mortar

Masaomi Yoneda (Student)  Tadahide Suzuki (Student) ; Hiroshi Matsui (Professor Dr.)  Takeo Iisaka (Professor Dr.) ; Takumi Uehara (Assistant Professor Dr.)

A.39- A study on the fundamental properties of concrete incorporating pond-ash in Korea

Bong-Chun Lee (Senior Reseracher), Jin-Sung Kim(Researcher), Tae-Sang Kim (Researcher), Seong-Tae Chae (Manager)

A.40- Palm oil fiber concrete

Mohamed A. Ismail (Associate Professor) and Huzaifa Bin Hashim (Graduate student)

A.41- Studying the production of dispersed fiber reinforced concrete with tensile strength more than 20 MPa

Pham Cong Hoan (Eng.), Tran Ba Viet (Dr.)

A.42- Research on making high strength concrete using silica colloid additive

Nguyen Van Huynh (MSc-Researcher), Thai Hong Chuong (Dr., Researcher) and Pham Vinh Nga (Researcher)

A.43- Effect of curing condition on air permeability of cover concrete

Phan Huu Duy Quoc (Ph.D), Toshiharu Kishi (Associate Prof.)


A.44- Effect of rice husk ash on properties of high strength concrete

Dao Van Dong (Doctor), Pham Duy Huu (Professor), Nguyen Lan (Engineer)

A.45- Comparison between recycled aggregate and natural aggregate properties

C. Y. Lo (Honours Student), D. Kotrayothar (PhD Scholar); Vivian W.Y. Tam (Lecturer), Y.C. Loo (Professor)

A.46- An experimental research on sand concrete in the Mekong Delta

Nguyen Thanh Sang (Doctoral Student, Pham Duy Huu (Professor)

A.47- Relationships among Demolished Concrete, Recycled Aggregate and Recycled Aggregate Concrete Testing

Vivian W.Y. Tam (Lecturer), Khoa N. Le (Lecturer)

A.48- Effect of viscosity modifying agent on the plastic shrinkage cracking of cement mortar

ShihTang Lin (Ph.D Candidate); Ran Huang (Professor);

Tsai Lung Weng- Associate Professor

A.49- Flexural Behaviour of High-Strength Concrete Beams Reinforced with Conventional Steel Bars and High-Performance Carbon Fibres

Ibrahim M. Metwally (Ass. Professor

 A.50- Influence of microsilica to steel bar protection ability of concrete

Hoang Minh Duc (PhD), Nguyen Tuan Nam (Eng.)

A.51- Sulfate resistance improvement of blend cement based on ground granulated blast furnace slag blended cement

Shoichi Ogawa, Hikotsugu Hyodo, Hirhoshi Hirao, Kazuo Yamada;

Atsushi Matsui; Doug Hooton (Professor)

A.52- Influence of fiber orientation on tensile behavior of  self-compacting fiber reinforced mortar

Daisuke Yamazaki (Master Student),  Yasuhiko Sato(Associate Professor), Withit Pansuk (Lecturer), Ryosuke Shionaga

A. 53- Early-age thermal cracking sensitivity of fly ash concrete by the unixial restraint test

Sokkheang Lim (Master Student), Zhihai Lin (Research Associate),

Toshiharu Kishi (Associate Professor)

A. 54- Completely recyclable concrete of aggregate-recovery type by using microwave heating technology

M. Tsujino (Research Fellow);

R. Kitagaki (Research Associate);T. Noguchi (Associate Professor);

H. Nagai (Research Associate);Y. Kunieda (Graduate Student);

A.55- Experimental study on filling ability of concrete in densely reinforced regions

Morio Kurita (Chief Research Engineer, Dr. Eng.);

Shinji Urano (Research Engineer, Dr. Eng.); Masamitsu Eto (Dr. Eng.) 


A.56- Effect of burnt diatomaceous on proporties of well cement slurry

Luu Thi Hong  (Msc), Luong Duc Long (Dr)

A.57- Study on determination of the appropriate content of calcium nitrite as a corrosion inhibitor in reinforced concrete

Le Quang Hung (PhD), Nguyen Nam Thang (PhD)

A.58- Modified slump and slump loss prediction models for ternary blended concrete with lignosulfonate based water reducers

Kaewmanee Krittiya (Doctoral Student), Pattaranawic Wittawat ( Research and development Engineer), Wangchuk Sonam ( Master graduate)

Wattanalamlerd Chalermchai ( Researcher), Tangtermsirikul Somnuk (Professor)

A.59- A new recycling system for ALC using carboation reaction

Soichiro Tokitsu (Doctoral student), Etsuo Sakai (Professor),

Masaki Daimon (Professor)

A.60- Improving the mechanical properties of concrete elements by bendable concretes

Sharbatdar Mohammad Kazem ( Assistant professor),

Karami Mohammad ( MSc Student)

A.61- Study of mechanical behaviors of the fiber reinforced concrete at elevated temperature

Y. J. Chen (Dr.) , J. C. Chern (Prof.), Y. W. Chan (Associate Prof.)

A.62- Review on simulation of fresh concrete using distinct element method

Phan Huu Duy Quoc (Ph. D),  Taketo Uomoto (Professor)

A.63 Compressive strength of concrete blended with calcined rice straw ash

Tanglao Francisco III B. (Project Engineer), Javier Paul N. (Assistant Dean and Chair), Robles-Austriaco Lilia (Professor, Dr.)

A.64- High performance cocrecrete (HPC) used for marine gravity concrete works

Pham Huu Hanh (Ass. Professor, Dr.),  Nguyen Van Tuan (PhD student)

A.65- Influence of Polycarboxylate- based superplasticizers on physico- chemistry of cement paste for use in self- consolidating concrete (SCC).

Saksit Plang-ngern, Wanjana Wannaphahoun

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